Cooking Mushroms with UNI Fungi

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Course Description

Join David Augustyniak the owner/operator at The Art Farm and U.N.I. Fungi as he explores the basic and simple skills he uses when cooking with mushrooms.

He will demonstrate several of his favorite ways to cook three of the most common gourmet mushrooms King Oysters, Blue Oyster, and Lions mane and seasonal varieties.

Join us for an evening of information, fun, and bellies full of fresh from the farm food.

Besides several samples of prepared dishes, we will have reishi and chaga tea in addition to a serving of veggie and mushroom soup.

You will learn:

- Basic prep skills

- How to store and preserve fungi

- How to feature fungi as my main course

- How to properly rehydrate mushrooms.

- And much more…

We will use fresh and dry mushrooms.

Favorite recipes, cooking tips, trade secrets, laughs and lots more will be shared during the event.

Years of experience smashed into one simple evening around the cast iron!

“May the spores be with you…….”