Fungal Frontier 2022

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What is a fUNGUS? In this talk we will cover all things fUNGAL, including the history and lore of fUNGI, fUNGI 101, morphology and identifying fUNGI, types of fUNGI, the five fUNGAL needs, brief cultivation practices, and the fUNGAL Frontier- the ever growing list of potential and practical uses for fUNGI in our everyday lives!

NOW is the fUNGAL FRONTIER. In farming, gardening and permaculture fUNGI are becoming more common practice, medicinally they are gaining their ancient respects they deserve, in textile industries they are shaping the future of building and clothing materials, fUNGI are leading the edge to a holistic alternative in the psychiatric field, in culinary arts they are defining flavors and creating protein alternatives.

Mushrooms and fUNGI are gaining more spotlight in the media, social media, culinary arts, pharmaceutical and medical industries, in flower and farming communities around the globe.

Join us and David Augustyniak from (you and I)

UnI Fungi as we journey into the fUNGAL Frontier and explore all the possibilities of our ancient allies. There’s  more, we will talk about their use in medicine, food, textiles, building materials, historic impacts, remediation and farming applications, to local foraging and clubs.

Fungi now more than ever serve a critical role so join us in the “fUNGAL Frontier”.

“May the spores be with you!”

P.S. Stay tuned for a recorded version of the presentation. Due to the difficulties we plan to re-record the updated version on our website for all that were not able to attend in person. Spreading spores of curiosity for those new to entering the ever expansive Mycological Sporedrive of life. I want to personally thank everyone for making time to come and listen to my presentation. Can’t wait for more opportunities to share,learn and grow, as one commUNITY.